Authentic Leadership: Cultivating Success in Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Tree Care

Leading Beyond Command and Control


In the dynamic and interconnected world of lawn care, landscaping, and tree care, leadership takes on a unique significance. Unlike the rigid structures of a military hierarchy, authentic leadership in these industries is a beacon of inspiration, collaboration, and shared purpose. Drawing from over four decades of leadership experience that has witnessed the growth and acquisition of various companies, I’ve come to realize that authentic leadership isn’t just more effective; it’s also immensely enjoyable for everyone involved.


The Pitfalls of Command and Control


In the early days of my entrepreneurial journey back in 1980, I made a common mistake: embracing a command-and-control leadership style. While it did yield short-term results, it was far from sustainable or fulfilling. People may comply with orders out of fear or obligation, but genuine enthusiasm and innovation thrive in an environment where individuals are motivated by a deeper sense of purpose and connection to the organization’s mission.


Your Business Isn’t an Army


A business doesn’t function like an army. Treating it as such doesn’t bring out the best in your team. Successful business owners in the lawn care, landscaping, and tree care industries aren’t stereotypical taskmasters solely focused on performance and the bottom line. Most employees are drawn to a company because something about its values, culture, and mission resonates with them.


Nurturing Organizational Essence


As an authentic leader, your role is to manifest and nurture those elements. Understand why your team members joined your organization in the first place, what initially ignited their passion, and regularly communicate and reinforce those motivations. When individuals feel connected to the mission and values of the company, they are more likely to be self-motivated, and you won’t need to resort to command and control tactics.


Embrace a Culture of Innovation


Encouraging a culture of fun and experimentation is another hallmark of authentic leadership. It involves enabling your team to try new things, take on projects outside their usual roles, collaborate across departments, and grow in unexpected ways. Sticking to the status quo will only yield more of the same, and in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, that can lead to stagnation or even obsolescence.


Authentic Leadership in Action


For me, being an authentic leader means being myself and not conforming to a stale, predetermined notion of what a leader should be. It’s about nurturing those around me to unlock their full potential and catalyze positive change. Authentic leadership entails making yourself accessible and actively participating in the processes, rather than merely overseeing or evaluating the outcomes.


The Power of Connection


Maintaining a strong connection with your team is crucial to preventing miscommunication and fostering collaboration. Get involved, lead alongside your team, and demonstrate that you are an integral part of the collective mission. While there are times when decisive leadership is necessary, being an authentic leader means adapting your role to suit the situation.


Leading by Example


John Maxwell’s definition of leadership resonates strongly with authentic leaders: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Leading by example is the cornerstone of authentic leadership. You must embody the qualities, behaviors, and values you wish to see in your team. Leadership is a visual journey, and you can’t guide others to an unknown destination.


In the lawn care, landscaping, and tree care industries, authentic leadership is the catalyst for growth, innovation, and enduring success. It’s not about wielding authority but about inspiring, nurturing, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. When authenticity and leadership converge, your business can thrive in any season.

Remember, a client is a valuable asset—one that should never be wasted.

Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep In Touch.

Thank You and Best Regards!!

Fred Haskett

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