CLIENT CARE… … The Importance of Follow Through

Whether we realize it or not, each of us contributes to “word of mouth” advertising every day. And one of the key factors in word of mouth advertising is follow through.

When we create an expectation for a client we need to follow up and be sure the expectation was met.

When we follow through, clients and fellow employees learn they can count on us, and that is what they will advise to others.

Consider these principles:

  • Follow through is most noticeable in it’s absence. Often when we do follow up it’s seen as no big deal either because nothing went wrong, or we caught what went wrong and fixed it. But when we don’t follow through small problems can become even larger.
  • Clients are happier when we call them than when they have to call us. Follow up on requests to make sure the client is satisfied.
  • Don’t assume that something you delegated got done. We all know how to break assume into 3 parts. Clients will remember that they asked you to get a job done. If you entrust the responsibility to someone else, check back with them to be sure they got the job done.

 Reflect on the moral of this story …

            This is a story about four people*  —  named ‘Everybody’, ‘Somebody’, ‘Anybody’, and ‘Nobody’.

            There was an important job to be done and “Everybody” was asked to do it.

            “Everybody” was sure that “Somebody” would do it.

            “Anybody” could have done it, but “Nobody” actually did it.

            “Somebody” got angry about that because it was “Everybody’s” job.

            “Everybody” thought “Anybody” could do it but, “Nobody” realized that “Everybody” wouldn’t do it.

             It ended up that “Everybody” blamed “Somebody” when “Nobody” did what Anybody” could have done

 Who’s responsibility is follow through? Everybody!!!!.

             * the fifth member of the team called in sick that day, their name isI Don’t Know’ and the sixth member of the team   ‘I Wasn’t There’                     was on vacation.

 D…WYSYWD                    Do….What You Say You Will Do


“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through”                                                                                                                            -Zig Ziglar



Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep In Touch.
Fred Haskett

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