Grow Your Business

One-To-One Consulting

…a personalized guidance and support system

As a TrueWinds One to One Consulting member you will have with Fred Haskett, a consultant with actual hands on experience in the lawn & landscape business working with you. You will have a “sounding board”, someone you can talk to, bounce ideas and plans off of, or share your dreams.  And someone to make those “hard decisions” you will have someone who knows you, your company and your situation so the right decisions are made. 

The TrueWinds One-to-One consulting program is conducted by phone and e-mail. It is intended to be a resource, available on an as-needed basis. Serving as your personal coach/mentor and confidant, we’re here to bounce off or share ideas and come up with real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Organizational Assessment

The question is…

  • Do you have a plan for growing your business?
  • Is your business moving in the right direction?
  • Are you hiring more people, but getting less done?
  • Is your organizational structure an asset or a liability?
  • Do you have the right systems, policies and software
  • in place?
  • Does your business model provide built-in protection
  • from competition?
  • How well is your Value Proposition getting your target
  • customer’s job done

These are just a few of the questions covered in our TrueWinds Organizational Assessment. In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, every business needs to reinvent itself through a process of continuous innovation.

Our business assessment service will help you:

Pinpoint problems that could negatively impact your company’s top and bottom line

  • Identify business risks you may not be aware of
  • Identify areas where you may be able to reduce expenses
  • Identify potential areas for future growth

Operational Efficiency Audit

  Is There Money Burning In Your Yard? On your Job Sites?

Where there is SMOKE?   There is FIRE!

Because there is money burning in your yard every morning and every night. Time is being wasted on your Job Sites.

Why? “Non-billable time”. This waste can burn-up your company’s profits.

You know – job briefings, directions, call backs, paperwork, fueling, loading, unloading, routing, job staging, equipment maintenance, material pick-up, job sequencing, chemical mixing and handling, blade changing…

The question is:

  • How much non-billable time is occurring (burning)  in your company?
  • Are your operations running as efficiently as possible?”
  • Can efficiency be improved and result in improved profits? …More Cash Flow
  • Non-billable hours can run 10-20% of your labor cost, burning up $1000s.

Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting

…Create a Road Map and Measurable Action Plan for Your Organization

The question is…

  • Do you know what manageable growth is?
  • Are there expenses you can reduce or eliminate?
  • Do you know if all your revenue streams are
  • profitable?
  • Is your profit goal obtainable?
  • Are you within the standard percentage ranges for this
  • industry?

These are just a few of the questions covered in our TrueWinds Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting Program. In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, every business needs to know…

Many TrueWinds clients have attained their growth goals and increased their net profits by as much as  5%,  that’s  HUGE!


Advantages Of Using A Professional Management Consulting Firm.

Advantage #1

Management Consulting firms consits of people who are subject matter experts and provide a deep ingith into a particular problem.

Advantage #2

Management Consulting firms train or educate the client about innovations and best practices

Advantage #3

Management Consulting firms help companies to find solutions to complex problems

Advantage #4

Management Consulting firms make business operations better and more profitable

Advantage #5

Management Consulting firms help you take less time on making important decisions using their expertise to dig into information faster

In a Nutshell…

Hiring management consulting firms will offer numerous benefits for your firm, as they have the requisite skills and expertise to put your firm on the growth trajectory in a considerably shorter time span