Sales Support

Remember Nothing Happens... ...Until Somebody Sells Something!!

Lead Generation

With TrueWinds Lead Generation

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3

  1. We call and get you the RFP.
  2. You Measure the Property and Prepare the Proposal.
  3. You Present the Proposal and Sell to the Client!

The Advantages of Focused and Targeted Lead Generation

  • Increase Route Density.
  • Build Your Brand.
  • Tell Your Story.
  • Grow Your Company.
  • We Make the calls you do not want to Make.
  • Data Base Building and Maintenance.
  • Use Your Time Working On Your Business …Not In it.

Virtual Sales Management

The TrueWinds Virtual Sales Manager program brings years of sales experience to your team, offering all the benefits of an in-house Sales Manager, at a fraction of the cost!

Your TrueWinds Virtual Sales Manager will provide temporary or long-term oversight of your team, process, performance, and strategy to improve productivity and profitability.

If you are a growing organization, not quite ready to hire a full-time Sales Manager, or an established company in transition, our Virtual Sales Manager program provides a cost-effective and experienced sales manager to:

  • Create structure and accountability for your sales team
  • Set clear objectives that align with the organization’s objectives
  • Measure results and monitor sales activities
  • Coach and mentor sales reps

TrueWinds Virtual Sales Management is a subscription-based, outsourced sales management service with one fundamental purpose: improve your sales productivity. We work exclusively with lawn and landscape firms to establish a proven sales process, define tactics and metrics, and drive measurable activity and results.