People Search

TrueWinds tailors our search services to the specific requirements of each opportunity, enabling our recruiters to best help clients and candidates achieve their business and professional goals. Across our practice areas of lawn care, tree care, and the landscape we offer an in-depth recruiting service designed to assist clients in meeting their specific hiring and staffing requirements.

TrueWinds is a Contingency Search Firm – we partner with and are contracted by the company (Partner) seeking qualified candidates for hire. Searches will extend as long as required prior to identifying the appropriate candidate at no cost to the client. There is no fee for a search that is canceled prior to a successful hire.

The Right Person Does Exist

We know your next hire. Across lawn care, tree care and landscape space, we consistently deliver right-fit talent. Efficient and accurate, we fill your permanent positions with in-demand professionals who drive positive, lasting impact.

Local and personal. We customize solutions to quickly solve your people resource needs. Engage qualified mid-to-senior level professionals who bring can-do enthusiasm and efficiency to every role.

As partners in business, we share a genuine enthusiasm for your recruiting and talent acquisition success.

David Keithley Leadville, Colorado
Innovative Landscaping Division/Operations Manager Dec, 15