Mastering Client Care: The Art of Unwavering Commitment

In a world where every interaction holds the potential for spreading the word about your business, one aspect stands out as a beacon of authenticity – follow-through. Whether we consciously recognize it or not, each of us contributes to the realm of “word of mouth” advertising every single day. And at the heart of this phenomenon lies the pivotal factor of follow-through.


At its core, follow-through revolves around the art of fulfilling expectations – a promise made and a promise kept. As landscape and lawn care professionals, our commitment to follow-through is a testament to our integrity and reliability.


The Ripple Effect of Follow-Through


When we create an expectation for a client, whether it’s delivering exceptional service or ensuring a seamless project, our actions after that initial promise carry immense weight. Following through on our commitments doesn’t just impact the immediate task at hand; it sets a precedent for our relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

In the realm of word-of-mouth advertising, follow-through is the currency of trust. Clients and colleagues take note when we consistently meet our obligations, and they instinctively recognize that we can be counted on. This positive impression doesn’t just fade away – it’s what they’ll share with others.


Unveiling the Principles of Follow-Through

Consider these principles as you delve into the realm of follow-through:


  • The Power of Noticeable Absence: Follow-through becomes most evident in its absence. While we might overlook it when things go smoothly, our lapses in follow-through can magnify small problems into significant obstacles.

  • Proactive Engagement: Clients prefer to be delighted rather than disappointed. Initiating follow-up calls to ensure their satisfaction goes a long way in nurturing your relationships.
  • Beyond Assumptions: Delegating tasks doesn’t absolve us of responsibility. Don’t assume that what you entrusted to others was indeed accomplished. Accountability lies in double-checking the completion of delegated tasks.


The Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody Story

Allow me to share a story that encapsulates the essence of follow-through:


This is a story about four individuals – named ‘Everybody,’ ‘Somebody,’ ‘Anybody,’ and ‘Nobody.’


There was a vital task at hand, and “Everybody” was assigned the responsibility. 

“Somebody” assumed that “Anybody” would take care of it. 

While “Anybody” had the capability, “Nobody” stepped up and took action. 

“Somebody” became frustrated, for it was deemed “Everybody’s” task. 

“Everybody” thought “Anybody” could handle it, but in reality, “Nobody” was the one who stepped in. 

In the end, “Everybody” blamed “Somebody,” while “Nobody” did what “Anybody” could have done.


The tale underscores a universal truth: follow-through is everyone’s responsibility.


The Call to Action: Do What You Say You Will Do


In a world brimming with distractions and competing commitments, practicing follow-through requires a conscious effort. The acronym D…WYSYWD – “Do What You Say You Will Do” – epitomizes the heart of this principle.


Reflecting on the wisdom of Zig Ziglar, who once said, “It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through,” let us wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of follow-through.


As you embark on this journey, remember that your unwavering commitment to follow-through will not only set you apart but will also elevate your standing as a trustworthy professional in the landscape and lawn care industry.


Wishing you all continued success and growth in your endeavors.

Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep In Touch.

Fred Haskett

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