Mastering the Art of Landscape Enhancements and Lawn Care Extras: How to Drive Client Satisfaction and Boost Your Bottom Line

Landscape enhancements and lawn care extras are a powerful tool for lawn and  landscape professionals looking to elevate their services, drive client satisfaction, and boost their bottom line. Unlike routine maintenance, landscape enhancements and lawn care extras involve additional services that upgrade, repair, and improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of a property.

In this article, we’ll explore the key elements of mastering the art of lawn care extras and  landscape enhancements, including understanding client needs, developing master enhancement plans, and implementing effective pricing strategies.

Understanding Client Needs: The Foundation of Successful Enhancements and Extras

The success of any landscape enhancement and lawn care extra begins with a deep understanding of your client’s needs, goals, and vision for their property. Take the time to conduct a thorough property assessment, listen to your client’s concerns, and identify areas for improvement. Consider factors such as safety and security, property structures, budget considerations, and potential disruptions to the client’s business or income.

Developing Master Enhancement Plans and Care Programs: A Proactive Approach

A master landscape enhancement plan or lawn care program is a comprehensive, long-range plan that outlines potential enhancements and improvements for a client’s property. This proactive approach allows you to present your clients with ideas, suggestions, budgets, and proposals for landscape improvements. Master enhancement plans and programs assist clients in budget planning, prioritizing projects, and achieving maximum benefit from their landscape investments. Additionally, these plans create a pipeline of projects for your lawn and landscape business, ensuring a steady flow of revenue.


Key Components of a Master Landscape Enhancement Plan:

  • Upgrades for plantings, such as seasonal color or water-wise plants
  • Irrigation repairs and upgrades for water conservation
  • Hardscape installations, such as retaining walls and walkways
  • Drainage solutions to address standing water or erosion issues
  • Tree and shrub management, including pruning, removal, and replacement
  • Sustainable landscape concepts, such as rain gardens and living walls

Key Components of a Master Lawn Care Plan:

  • Comprehensive nutrient, weed control, and insect prevention 
  • Introduction of new improved turf grass cultivars 
  • Hazardous pest prevention and control
  • Soil Ph and compaction management

Pricing Strategies: Balancing Profitability and Client Value

Pricing landscape enhancements requires careful consideration of direct costs, margins, and client value. While enhancements can generate high gross margins, it’s important to balance profitability with the value delivered to the client. Avoid the perception of “nickel and diming” clients by offering intelligent enhancements and extras that align with their long-term vision and budget.

Consider using unit pricing for small or easy enhancement jobs, and cost-plus margin pricing for larger or more complex projects. Be transparent about pricing and ensure that clients understand what is included in the price and what is considered an “extra.”


Landscape enhancements and lawn care extras offer a unique opportunity to elevate your lawn and landscaping game, drive client satisfaction, and boost your business’s profitability. By understanding client needs, developing master enhancement plans, and implementing effective pricing strategies, you can unlock the full potential of landscape enhancements and lawn cars extras. Whether you’re a seasoned lawn and landscape professional or just starting in the industry, mastering the art of lawn and landscape enhancements is a valuable skill that can set you apart from the competition and pave the way for long-term success.


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