The TrueWinds “One to One” Coaching/Consulting Program

As a TrueWinds “One to One” member you will have in Fred Haskett, a Management Consultant with actual hands on experience in the landscape business working with you. A person you can confide in with full confidence and trust that all discussions will be kept absolutely confidential.

You “The Boss” will have a “sounding board”, someone you can talk to, bounce ideas and plans off of, or share your dreams. And when those times come, and they do, to make those “hard decisions” you will have someone who knows you, your company and your situation so the right decisions are made.

Also included in your membership is the TrueWinds Score Card.  Each month Fred will review the key indicators that will enable a quick status of how things are progressing. For example, items such as, your people, customers, safety, sales, gross margins, budgets, P & L’s and special projects will be reviewed.

Video Conferences:

  • Two formally scheduled video conferences each month with Fred.  This can be a “one to one” or with a “team” from the company
  • A review of monthly financial statements can be part of this meeting
  • A review of the prearranged agrenda or other important items that need to be covered.


  • Unlimited email questions during the month will be answered promptly.

Phone Calls:

  • Phone calls for questions/discussions during month. (Minutes are not tracked)
  • I can act as your “sounding board” when you need someone to Bounce ideas and plans off of, or just get my opinion on the multitude of issues that arise.
  • As part of the membership, when arranged in advance, I can also keep in touch with the various department managers each month to monitor their progress and report back to the owner or CEO.
  • These calls also can sere as the “sales manager/coach” for the company


All of the resources the Fred has collected and created over the past 47 years are available to you as a TrueWinds “One to One” member. Examples of this are job descriptions, a multitude of forms, sample contracts, training forms, etc.

Other Custom Programs and Options

The Leader's Peer Group Program

Building a support network of trusted and unbiased advisors on your own can be a seemingly impossible task. However, other business owners in your situation have the same sense of isolation and can offer support.  This is where The Leaders’ Peer Group can benefit you.  It is a peer group, a collection of similar business people, who meet on a regular basis to help each other deal with their burning issues and support each other to improve their business practices and performance while helping each other to become the Leaders that each has always wanted to be.

Specific Topic On-Site Visits

These can be scheduled for Fred to spend time face to face in the field or facility to work on specifically identified areas, projects, or programs/systems.

  • Operational Efficiency Audits
  • Quality Control Training
  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Budget Development Meetings
  • Training Meetings
  • …And much more

Specific Topic Virtual Meetings

These can be scheduled for Fred to spend time with you and your team to work on specifically identified areas, projects, or programs/systems.

  • SWOT Analysis Meetings
  • Sales Training Meetings
  • Financial Training Meetings
  • PEST Analysis Meetings
  • Operational Training Meetings
  • …And much more