Ten Ways to Practice Good Customer Service

Be proactive.

Provide the customer with information about the property they may not know. Be the

customers’ eyes and ears on the outside of the property, not just the landscaping. When

something needs attention let them know what needs to be done.


Be flexible.

Offer the kind of pricing and other options that you might expect or desire if you were in the

prospect’s situation.

Look at the situation from the eyes of the customer. Try to understand exactly what they

need, and when they need to be flexible, including seasonal businesses.


Be available.

You make a hit with customers when you make yourself accountable. Assure the customer

you can make decisions, correct situations and have the ability to make things happen.


Go beyond Gold.

In these competitive times, it’s not enough to practice the golden rule in dealing with your

customers. Opt, instead, for the Platinum Rule: “Don’t treat people the way you want to be

treated, treat them the way they want to be treated.” “The Platinum Rule, by Tony



Do as Walmart does.

Walmart trains its staff to present themselves as “buyer facilitators” rather than

“salespersons.” Buyer facilitators make it easier for their customers to buy. That’s why

Walmart “greeters” hand you a shopping cart as you enter store. Walmart did a study and

discovered that its customers buy 17% more when they push a cart.


Be responsive.

Respond to every customer’s question within 12 hours – if not with an answer, then with an

update on your progress finding one. Respond by fax or e-mail, if you can’t get through by



Don’t practice “customer dis-service”.

Nothing can undermine your relationship with your customers like undependable or

inconsiderate service.

You will lose customers if you:

·         Don’t return Phone calls promptly

·         Don’t respond immediately to customer requests

·         Keep them waiting

·         Make critical comments to them about your competitors

·         Argue with them

·         Drop by often without an appointment

·         Fail to thank them for their business

·         Fail to communicate with them regularly

·         Don’t understand their business or their landscaping needs and wants


Learn from your mistakes.


A mistake provides you with an opportunity to make your customer feel important,

demonstrate your listening skills, and upgrade your landscape maintenance service.

Remember: It’s not what you’ve lost, it’s what you’ve learned.


“How are we doing?”


It’s a simple question, but it has enormous impact. Simply by asking the question, you help

eliminate perceptions of indifference – the number one reason why customers quit. By

staying in touch in this way, you’ll be able to identify and address customer concerns before

they become complaints. The key is to act promptly on the concerns that you hear.


“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”  ~  Sam Walton


Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep In Touch.
Fred Haskett

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