The Blueprint for Attracting a Team of Excellence in Landscaping and Lawn Care

In an era where the echoes of the Great Resignation still resound, leaders in the green industries—landscaping, tree care, and lawn care businesses—have the unique opportunity to pivot towards a new paradigm: the Great Retention. To not just survive but thrive in this competitive sector, your company must evolve into a beacon for top talent—a veritable talent magnet. By fostering a culture that consistently attracts and retains the best, your business can gain an insurmountable competitive edge.

The quest for assembling a team that is a magnet for excellence does not require an esoteric formula; rather, it is grounded in three core leadership practices: Protect, Push, and Promote. Let’s delve into these practices to understand how they can be applied effectively in your green business to nurture a team of Green Giants.

Protect Imagine a working environment that acts as a fertile soil, where your team members feel secure and supported, thereby enabling them to flourish and produce their best work. Achieving this involves several key steps:

  • Pace the Workload: Just like in nature, growth requires rest periods. Pacing the workload ensures that your team does not succumb to the stress of overwork, which can lead to burnout.

  • Resource Allocation: Equip your team with the right tools and resources, much like giving the right fertilizer for plants to grow.

  • Empower with Authority: Delegate authority effectively, allowing team members to take ownership of their work and make decisions pertinent to their roles.

  • Shield from Distractions: Act as a buffer against irrelevant interferences that can distract from key objectives, just as you would protect plants from harmful pests.

  • Preparation for Challenges: Prep your team for high-stakes situations with practice runs to enhance their skills and boost confidence, akin to hardening young plants before transplanting them outdoors.

  • Support in Adversity: Be their steadfast advocate, ready to support and defend them when challenges arise.

Push Top performers are not content with stagnation—they thrive on growth and the challenge of extending their capabilities. To cultivate such growth, consider these strategies:

  • Vision Casting: Convey a compelling and clear vision of the team’s goals, emphasizing why their work matters and who benefits from it.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Set stretch goals that challenge the status quo and propel significant advancement, ensuring they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

  • Developmental Tasks: Assign responsibilities that extend beyond their current comfort zone, fostering professional growth.

  • Alignment of Goals: Connect individual professional ambitions with the team’s objectives, illustrating how their growth is integral to the team’s success.

Promote Keeping your team engaged and motivated involves being their champion, much like a Chief Marketing Officer would for a product. This includes:

  • Advocating for Their Work: Publicly acknowledge and celebrate their achievements, placing them in a context that resonates with key stakeholders.

  • Crafting a Narrative: Weave individual accomplishments into an overarching story that showcases how your team is actively shaping the future.

  • Spotlight Opportunities: Provide platforms for your team members to shine, both as individuals and collectively, reinforcing their value and contributions.

  • Advancement Endorsements: Enthusiastically support and recommend them for new opportunities, reflecting your genuine investment in their career progression.

The cultivation of a team that’s a talent magnet in the landscaping, tree care, and lawn care businesses requires intentional nurturing, consistent leadership, and a supportive environment. By implementing the protective, developmental, and promotional strategies, you not only enhance your team’s capacity and well-being but also encourage their professional growth and visibility. These practices are the seeds of excellence; when sown with care, they promise a harvest of unmatched talent and success.

As you integrate these principles into your leadership approach, it’s important to also consider and share what additional techniques have been effective in your unique environment.

…What else are you doing that’s working?

Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep In Touch.

Fred Haskett

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