The Power of Praise: 10 Ways to Capitalize on Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Did you know that a whopping 92% of consumers rely on reviews before making a purchase? As it turns out, the thoughts of previous users often hold more weight than the finest marketing spiel. The question in the minds of potential customers is straightforward – “Has someone else found this product or service beneficial? If so, let me hop on board too.” This realization underscores the fact that strong sales numbers are often driven by positive testimonials.

So, how can you harness this reality to your advantage? If you have satisfied customers, encourage them to share their honest feedback. You can then leverage these testimonials to drive further sales.


Here are ten effective strategies for utilizing references and testimonials to boost your sales:

Prep Your References:

  • Provide your references with some guidance on potential questions and suitable responses when a potential client gets in touch.

Keep Your Connections Fresh:

  • Regularly update your reference list and monitor for any changes that might affect your rapport.

Seal the Deal with References:

  • Armed with your reference list, you can confidently approach sales negotiations. If asked for references, reply: “Certainly, here’s my list. Provided the references meet your satisfaction, when can we get started?”

Honesty Wins:

  • When your references depict your business authentically, you’re more likely to win in the long run.

Seize the Moment:

  • View customer compliments as opportunities for gathering testimonials. Follow up immediately with a request for a testimonial letter or email. When a customer is considering renewing your contract, this is another ideal moment to request a testimonial, directing their focus on your service’s value.

Pen Your Own Testimonials:

  • Save your busy customers some time by offering to draft the testimonial based on their telephonic feedback. If they concur with your drafted version, ask them to reproduce it on their letterhead. If they have reservations, offer to make adjustments until they are content.

Provide Testimonial Guidelines:

If a customer wishes to write their testimonial but seeks your guidance, suggest they consider the following:

  • The magnitude of their landscaping or lawn care issue before you were hired.
  • Your ability to accurately diagnose various problems.
  • Their perception of your professional expertise.
  • How they feel about the ongoing follow-up service that you provide.

Diversify Your Testimonials:

  • Avoid monotony in your testimonials. Encourage different customers to highlight diverse facets of your service, such as quality, reliability, promptness, and value.

Overcome Objections with Testimonials:

  • Request satisfied customers to include any initial reservations they had about your service in their testimonial. This can serve as a powerful tool to address potential customers’ concerns upfront.

React and Reach Out:

  • When a customer complaint has been addressed, reach out promptly. If the customer is satisfied, request them to write a brief comment on how you responded to and rectified the issue.

Remember, no business transaction occurs until a sale is made. Positive reviews and testimonials are your silent salesforce, so let them do the talking for you!

Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep In Touch.

Fred Haskett

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