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In the realm of personal and team development, you’ll often encounter discussions revolving around goals and passion. Books, courses, and coaches thrive on helping individuals discover their passions and achieve their goals. While these are undeniably important aspects of personal growth, something vital seems to be missing from this equation.

Certainly, passion is a driving force that propels individuals toward their aspirations. However, passion can be misdirected, sometimes leading people down the wrong path or causing them to chase fleeting interests. Goals, on the other hand, are essential but not foolproof. Even chronic procrastinators may have goals aplenty. The issue with both passion and goals lies in their singular focus.

The Pitfalls of Passion and Goals

Passion can be likened to a powerful engine that propels you forward, but it doesn’t guarantee the right direction. It can lead you astray or change with your whims, often creating a whirlwind of activity without a clear purpose. Goals, while important, may conflict with your true needs or the values you hold dear.

Herein lies the missing piece: values. Values are the principles and beliefs that matter most to you, guiding your actions and relationships. They differ from goals because they’re not endpoints to strive for, and they differ from passion because they demand a more rational and calm approach.

The Power of Values-Centric Living

Values aren’t merely what you aim for; they’re what you live by and live for. They provide the foundation for your actions and decisions, helping you navigate trade-offs and compromises. When a goal or passion clashes with a value, the value should always take precedence.

So, let’s entertain a radical notion for a moment: set aside your goals and passions (temporarily), and adopt a value-centric approach to life. This shift in perspective can have a profound impact on your personal and professional growth.

The Four Principles of Values-Centric Living

  • Self-Reflection: Engage in honest, fearless, and searching self-exploration. Understand your true thoughts, feelings, and priorities. Align your life with your discoveries.

  • Balance: Embrace open-mindedness and the ability to see things from various perspectives. Rigidity hinders personal and professional development.

  • True Self-Confidence: Acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on personal growth, striving to become a better version of yourself.

  • Humility: Maintain perspective. Success doesn’t make you superhuman, and failure doesn’t diminish your worth. Treat everyone with respect and empathy.

So, for a while, consider this unconventional approach: set aside explicit goals and immediate passions, and instead, live by a few core values. The beauty of values is that they endure, consistently influencing your actions and enriching your life. Even if you don’t achieve all your grand goals, adhering to your values ensures that you’re on a meaningful and fulfilling journey.

Just a  thought.

Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep In Touch.

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Fred Haskett

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