About Us

Established in 2005

Established in 2005, TrueWinds Consulting is a Business Management and Talent Recruiting firm focused on the Professional Lawn Care, Landscape, and Tree Care space. Principal Partners Fred and Kelly Haskett (See Bios)  have spent 47 and 25 years respectfully engaged in the Green Industry.

We love the landscape, lawn care and tree care business and the people in it. We love the flexibility this business gives us, and we love being outside. We’ve worked hard most of our lives to become successful at it.

And now, we spend most of our time helping folks like you  Chart Your Course To Success

For over 40+ years we’ve each cultivated different strengths and unique perspectives. And together, our combined experience adds up, which amounts to a pretty deep sea of wisdom. To say the least, we’ve sailed down the same course as you.

We create practices of leadership, feedback, information sharing, team design, and shared purpose which allow everyone to meet their potential and bring their special genius to their work.. We help you set up the systems we recommend, we stay in the picture by providing ongoing support, and we help you keep track of our commitments to you and to your company’s growth.


Fred & Kelly Haskett



To be the comprehensive resource for personal development, training, talent acquisition, and education…  

…to our clients and to our industry.


Get Real Feedback

Hear what your teams are saying about what’s working— and what’s not—so you can show them their input matters

Chart a Course For The Future

Create a vision and strategic roadmap that allows everyone to see the big picture and shared purpose.

Connect The Personal and Professional

Help individuals map their personal goals and vision to the company’s path for a deeper sense of alignment.

Design Teams and Roles For Diverse Thinking Styles

Work more effectively with everybody knowing how best to contribute, what to focus on, and with whom to make decisions.

Alight The Organization

Introduce new ways to navigate decision-making and execution that transform ‘stuck’ areas of the company.

Implement Collaborative Systems

Create a working, modernized, central repository (living operational manual) of company knowledge in team, product, vision, brand, and operational resources.

Create Guidelines For Improvement

Document a set of operating principles for the way the team work with each other and the way the organization works with customers

Practice and Evolve

Apply new ways of working to learn what fits best over time—and create feedback loops to evolve the systems, agreements and norms across the organization.